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Welcome to Busty Payton’s Personal Website

I would like to thank you first of all for noticing me and visiting my page. My name is Busty Payton, and I’m an elite independent escort, without affiliations to any agencies. This means I usually manage all my bookings myself.

I am in my mid-twenties, with long, blond hair and large breasts. I have immaculate olive skin and bedroom hazel eyes. I previously lived in Toronto, Canada and worked as an escort in one of Toronto Escorts Agencies before I became independent and started working through Toronto Escorts Directory . I like traveling, especially to Dubai, Thailand, Dominican Republic and Doha.

I always love what I do, and my clients can attest to that. My dream has always been becoming a high-class escort, and I believe I have achieved that. I am of Spanish and Italian descent, although I have spent most of my life in Canada. My appearance usually says more about my European background.

I love and adore men, and this is very evident in my entire being. I am always sophisticated and intricately dressed for my clients. Every client I meet describes me as impeccably groomed and polished. My wardrobe collection is extensive. I have a collection of French, Italian and British fine designer lingerie amongst other sexy gowns.

I have a weakness for latex clothing and fantasy wear, but I love wearing my designer stilettos with stockings when attending to my clients. I advise my clients to focus on being completely carried away as I attend to them and I have the capability to give subtle direction to make sure that my clients’ needs are overwhelmingly met.

Once you meet me, you will realize that I truly enjoy getting to know my clients on a very personal and intimate level. I am free-spirited and very open-minded, and I am committed to whatever I do.

When I am free is like going to the gym or enjoying the great outdoors. I am very passionate about having a positive mindset towards life.

My Photos

My Vacation in Bahrain

My Vacation in Bahrain

I cannot really blame you if you have never considered travelling to Bahrain. Neither had I until I had to travel there to meet one of my clients we had hooked up in Bahrain Escort Website – Now, as a traveller, I could not deny myself the opportunity...

My recent trip to Dubai

My recent trip to Dubai

I believe that I was born to travel and my courtesan profession has really helped me enjoy this hobby. Recently, I used the Dubai Escorts Directory – to find some clients in Dubai and my quest was successful. This presented me an opportunity to travel to...