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Hi there. Recently I visited Australia, Brisbane, and today I will share with you some cool tips for visiting Brisbane!

Brisbane is the third biggest city of Australia, where urban landscapes coexist with the riot of greenery and flowers. Skyscrapers overlook the city next to gorgeous parks and rivers. On the top of some skyscrapers there are cafes and restaurants so don’t miss a chance to enjoy the city view drinking a cup of coffee. But still, if you go to Australia to the city of Brisbane there are several things you should be warned about

1) Firstly, if you go to a cafe,  not to a high-class restaurant,  be ready to share a table with other people.  It may sound strange but there is no point in arguing about that, because in Australia it’s ok. If you don’t want to sit next to strangers – you’d better chose some really nice restaurant.

If you want to eat out and not spend a lot of money – choose Asian food. You can find it all around Brisbane it’s much cheaper then local food. Local food can be very expansive. Chinese, Korean, Thai restaurants serve their national cuisine. Ask them not to make it too hot if you don’t want your mouth to burn. But it’s sometimes really delicious!

2) Brisbane is a very hot city so locals like to swim on the local beach.  But it’s not about the ocean or the river.  The river is very dirty and the ocean is quite far, so the authorities organized a big open air public swimming pool, which is absolutely free. But if you are going to the ocean for a weekend (which is just one hour drive from Brisbane)and want to swim in the ocean, you can do it only in special places where it’s not forbidden, because there are a lot of sharks. They may be really dangerous for humans.

3) This is not the only danger in Brisbane.  Australia is notorious for widely spread skin cancer because of ozone holes in the atmosphere.  So, don’t go out without putting on some sun-protection cream.  Even if you go shopping, use cream with SPF 50.

4) Also there is a chance of flood. The last biggest flood happened in 2011, so if you want to go to the ocean – you’d better check the weather forecast.

5) For those who love having fun and physical pleasures Brisbane is a great place,  because escorts are legal in Brisbane.  There are lots of bawdy-houses or you can find a girl for a night on numerous websites. But don’t be surprised that girls will check your men’s health using special ultraviolet lamps.

Hope you stay in Brisbane will be great! Good luck!