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I cannot really blame you if you have never considered travelling to Bahrain. Neither had I until I had to travel there to meet one of my clients we had hooked up in Bahrain Escort Website – Now, as a traveller, I could not deny myself the opportunity to visit the place as it could offer me the perfect opportunity for sightseeing as well as having fun.

One thing you should understand about Bahrain is that it’s an interesting place, whose population is a mix of Arabs, South and Central Asian Immigrants and Western expats. Before travelling there, my friend referred to the place as a “playground for Saudi seediness.”

To be honest, I did not expect much from Bahrain. For the first week, I could not see anything that impressed me at all. Close to my hotel, there was what people referred to as an “American Strip” with McDonald’s and Burger King and some other substandard restaurants. However, I decided not to deny myself fun as I got engaged in a mission to discover the cultural side of Bahrain.

I decided to visit one of the travel agencies there, and embarked on a road trip, with my guide showing me some few places of interest. It was very wise to use our own vehicle to visit these places as this gave me more freedom compared to relying on taxis.

The first place we visited was The Ahmed Al Fateh Mosque, also known as the Grand Mosque. My visit to the mosque was one of my best moments in Bahrain as its architecture and design captivated me. The mosque’s design is stunning and truly eye-opening. Interestingly, I was not charged to enter the mosque, and I was given one the most friendly welcomes I have ever received from a tourist attraction, leave alone a place of worship.

The second place I visited was the camel farm of Janabiya. Always a tourist attraction, camels are part and parcel of Arabs as it can get, and while travelling through the area filled with palm trees, couldn’t resist to stop and discover what it was. Excitingly, I found out that it was a camel farm owned by the king. The farm was marked as private property, but that should not worry you in case you decide to visit the farm. Just drive in and ask for permission to visit the farm. The workers on the farm are very friendly, and they usually allow tourists to visit.

Together with other tourists visiting the farm, we were informed that the king keeps the camel just because he can, just as anyone in other parts of the world can keep a cows, sheep or chicken. Interestingly, the camels are not used for anything in particular, like meat, milk or racing.

One notable thing about the camels is that they are very friendly even though they are mostly tied to their posts. However, the camels are allowed to roam freely the grounds at times and just for a few Dinars, I was allowed to interact with them.

Lastly, I visited was the Bahrain Fort, which dates back to 2300BC and with some remains of up until the 18th century. I came to understand that the fort is an archeological site, which has been excavated slowly for the last 70 years. Today, the Bahrain Fort is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is a protected area.

Some parts of the Fort are ruins lying on the ground. However, the most interesting part of the fort is the massive fort which resembles a castle, and still, stands strong. I had a lot of fun running in and out of the various rooms in the fort, and at other times I just pretended it’s like I lived there. The entrance to the fort is also free.

One thing I came to understand about Bahrain is that it’s a place where someone can have fun, again and again. I have promised myself to return here very soon to just to continue enjoying the things which this little place offers.